Vitacarb Kft. was founded on 08.08.2013. in Szeged.

The main activity of the company is:

• wholesale trade between Hungary, Serbia and other EU countries
• provision of business services, company representation, market research and organization of transport of goods on the route: EU – Serbia

Vitacarb Kft. is an authorized distributor of the products of the companies “ABM International” d.o.o. and “Patent Co.” from Serbia, for the Hungarian and EU markets.

The company has good business cooperation and contacts with several companies in Hungary, the EU and Serbia that deal with:

• international transport of goods between Serbia and the EU
• production of fodder, premixes and adsorbents of mycotoxins based on zeolites
• production of PE granules, based on calcium
• production of paints, varnishes, machine plasters, styrofoam, glues and insulating materials for construction
• foam production

The management of the company manages the work of the company exclusively in accordance with the law and regulations governing the business operations of companies in Hungary. The company’s management strives to provide its customers with an acceptable ratio of price and quality of products and services offered.
The management strives to respond to the business requirements of clients as soon as possible, in accordance with the state of supply and demand of individual products on the market. The Management Plan is the realization of long-term, sustainable and transparent business cooperation with all clients, with the aging of mutual interest and profit. The goal of the Management is to increase the volume and value of turnover, in order to increase the profit of the company and clients.



+36 30 399 7907


6725 Szeged, Vadmacska street 16. GF. 1. Hungary


6725 Szeged, Dorozsmai road 33.  Hungary